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What is VIA?

What is it?

VIA is a program built upon QMK that allows for easy configuration of your custom keyboard if your PCB supports it. It provides a nice and easy to use interface where you can remap your keys, handle layers, create macros, control RGB, test your PCB, and update your PCB firmware.

Where can I download VIA?

Official website: https://caniusevia.com

What does "key mapping" mean?

Key mapping is when you assign a different value to a specific key. For example, you can assign your "CAPS LOCK" key to act like a "FN". Key mapping is often used for compact keyboards since you're working with less keys or if you prefer to reorganize your layout.

What are "layers"?

Layers are an additional layout of your keyboard. For example, your number row on "LAYER 0" would be the normal output of 1 to 0. On "LAYER 1", you could assign keys 1-0 to act like your F1-F10. Once you're finished assigning keys onto the new layer, you need a way to access them, for example, we can use "FN" to access our layered keys. The end result would be "FN"+"1" = "F1".

What are "macros"?

Macros are a set of key combinations that you can assign. For example, lets say you switch between programs often with "ALT"+"TAB" or "CMD"+"TAB" and want to make it a one key process. You can create a macro with that key combination and then assign that macro to a key. Now you only need to press one key to switch between programs!