Switch Break-in Machine



An overly designed break-in machine built with convenience and speed in mind. The Nomkeys Break-in Machine, based on keekeen's break-in machine, is overhauled for heavy-duty use and compatibility with the vast variety of mechanical keyboard switches on the market.

This machine has undergone extensive modifications to improve its usability, durability, and overall performance. The overhaul includes new features such as a more user-friendly and convenient setup, sturdier construction, and enhanced temperature resistance. With this machine, breaking in switches is easier and faster than ever before, making it the perfect tool for keyboard enthusiasts.


  • 50k Actuations per Hour (12V)
  • All-Metal Core
  • 24-Hour Runtime
  • Tool-less Travel Distance Adjustments
  • Off-Axis/Center Break-in
  • USB-C
  • Holds 36 Switches
  • Tested up to 120g Springs
  • 3D Printed with PETG for High-Temperature Resistance & Durability
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 230mm x 123mm x 130mm


*Important Notes*

  • Made to Order - Non-Cancellable
  • Current Lead Time: 1 Week