Reopening + NEW Switches!

Reopening + NEW Switches!

We have reopened the store with an overhaul on our switches. Our switches are now lubed AND filmed for your convenience while retaining most of the same prices! To compliment the new transition, we have a new polished logo! We hope you all like it as much as we do :)


We also have upcoming products coming in as we start to expand our business. Thank you for all of the support and we hope to be a valuable go-to destination for your keyboard needs. These are the upcoming products to be up on the store in the upcoming months:

  • 43Studio OPBlack Switches
  • AEBoards Raed Switches
  • Everglide Aqua King V3 Switches
  • Prevail Epsilon Switches
  • Tangerine Switches [Light Green 62g]


We are also restocking the following products in the near future:

  • NovelKeys Cream Switches
  • Durock POM Switches
  • Lavender Switches
  • Alpaca Switches
  • Tangerine Switches [Dark Green 67g]
  • All Durock V2 Stabilizers


We want to thank you all again for your immense support. We want to show our appreciation to our customers, so we are now in the midst of producing Nomkeys stickers and custom packaging! We want to create the most enjoyable shopping experience for you all and these are our first couple of steps!